hand painted books

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books are constructed using a variety of handmade and mouldmade Japanese and European papers and boards. each book is unique and signed and painted using either pigment with a binder or watercolour. dimensions show the size of each book open and closed. prices are per book. click the thumbnail images to show the book in detail or the link ' +/- titles' below to show titles (left to right), dimensions and prices (excluding postage and packing).

+/- titles

wassail bowls

- 2004, 820x210mm, 210x210mm, £150

underwater scene

- 2004, 490x110mm, 165x110mm, £110

noah's ark

- 2004, 210x110 mm, 105x110mm, £



- 2004, 820x210mm, 210x210mm, £120

electrical appliances and stigmata

- 2004, 810x210mm, 210x210mm, £150

cloven hoof table

- 2004, 820x210mm, 210x210mm, £150